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Are you facing foreclosure in Maryland or Washington, D.C?  If you act timely and do not ignore the situation, you can request a foreclosure mediation with your lender prior to a foreclosure sale.  Both Maryland and D.C. Foreclosure Mediation involves the property owner, the lender, who usually participates via telephone, attorneys for both sides, and… Read more »

D.C.’s New Progressive Judicial-Foreclosure Approach

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 D.C.’s New Progressive Judicial-Foreclosure Approach Involves Court Oversight And Early Mediation If you are a troubled homeowner in D.C. facing foreclosure today, you have a much better chance of resolving the issue early in the process.  D.C. now has a new progressive, judicial-foreclosure approach, where there is court oversight and early mediation.  Prior to 2014,… Read more »


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The answer to the question of “How Much Time in Home After Maryland Foreclosure Mediation” is not exact.  However, there are applicable Maryland laws that can give you a general idea as to how long the process takes.   I raise this question because recently, I have represented an increased number of anxious Maryland homeowners… Read more »


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The Federal Housing Finance Agency “FHFA” has recently announced that effective July 1, 2013, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will offer a new streamlined loan modification initiative to help certain eligible homeowners to participate in a new loan modification program referred to as the Streamlined Modification Initiative “SMI”. There are a multitude of benefits for… Read more »

Eviction Protection for Tenants Living in Foreclosed Homes Extended Until 2014

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Eviction protection for tenants living in foreclosed homes extended as a result of the recently signed Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank Act).  This protection stems from the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009 which originally protected tenants from eviction because of a pending foreclosure on the property they occupied until December… Read more »

Pre-Foreclosure Workouts, Loan Modification Agreements and 1099-C Tax Consequences of Debt Forgiveness

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In this recent era of mortgage lenders being increasingly open to pre-foreclosure workouts and loan modification agreements, it is imperative that property homeowners understand the potential for taxable income consequences that could arise as a result of the loan modification agreement.  In the past when a homeowner was behind on their mortgage, the primary solution… Read more »

How the $25 Billion Dollar National Mortgage Settlement Affects Homeowners

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In March 2012, 49 states, various state mortgage regulatory agencies, the federal government, and 5 of the largest mortgage servicers entered into the National Mortgage Settlement[1].  The 5 mortgage servicers are: Ally/GMAC Bank of America CitiMortgage JPMorgan Chase Wells Fargo These 5 multi-billion dollar service companies admitted in this agreement that they illegally initiated foreclosure… Read more »


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The American homeowner continues to be victimized in the mortgage crisis. First it was the predatory lenders and unscrupulous loan officers that gave home loans to people who they knew couldn’t really afford them. These people bought into the whole idea that buying a home was part of the American dream to which they were… Read more »