An Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney in Washington DC and Maryland Ready to Help You Get a Fresh Start

You Deserve a Fresh Start

There is no shame in bankruptcy – there is hope. If you struggle financially, taking control through bankruptcy is simply legal empowerment.

If you struggle with financial debt and just can’t seem to catch up no matter how hard you try, getting a fresh start through bankruptcy might be an option for you. Bankruptcy is a way for individuals to have all or most of their debts discharged through Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation or reorganized through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

In today’s economy, there are many people just like you who have worked hard to pay their debts, but can’t become current despite their best efforts. Through no fault of your own you may have lost a job, gotten overwhelmed by medical bills or struggled with insufficient income to meet your obligations. No matter the reason, you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it anymore.

Instead, imagine what you could accomplish if you were freed from the growing debt. Picture yourself with no more creditor collection letters and calls. Think about what it would be like if you could sleep through the night without worrying about how you’re going to pay it all! Braxton Legal can help you get a fresh start through Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy.

If you are in financial trouble, do not ignore it. You may be able to  take control of the situation through bankruptcy. Cathy Braxton, an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Washington DC and Maryland, will meet with you at no cost to assess your financial situation and discuss a solution that works for you. Don’t put it off any longer – let us help you today .