What We Do

What Makes Us Different

Braxton Legal is a small boutique firm located in Washington, D.C. We are committed to representing those in the Washington D.C. and Maryland area who feel they have no voice in the legal system – to empowering the powerless. We have experience practicing law at both the state and federal levels and have gone head to head with some of the largest corporate law firms. Unlike many law firms, at Braxton Legal you will not be handed off to an inexperienced associate. From the very start, your concerns will be addressed by a seasoned attorney, and you will be represented with the utmost care and respect. No matter the size or type of case, we promise to fight our hardest for you.

We aim to empower our clients to make educated and informed decisions regarding their cases. We will create a legal strategy tailored to your specific needs and are dedicated to resolving your legal matters with the minimum legal intervention deemed appropriate for your situation. That means we understand that not every situation requires court intervention, and not every financial problem requires bankruptcy. Sometimes what you perceive as a dire legal situation can be resolved by simply sitting down with the other side and coming to an agreement without having to resort to drastic measures. If that is the case in your situation, we will recognize and share that fact with you. We respect you and your resources, and promise to help you avoid unnecessary legal expenses.

What We Promise

  • Specialized knowledge
  • Tenacious advocacy and legal representation
  • Honest advice
  • Regular communication regarding status of your case
  • Timely responses to questions and issues
  • Reasonable fees
  • Personalized attention
  • No shame and no judgment
  • Professional staff
  • Relaxed meeting environment

Why We Do It

We understand that you have a choice when selecting an attorney, and we want you to choose us. We are tenacious in our representation and relentless in the pursuit of justice for you. We seek to help our clients regain their dignity and are committed to representing those that have been written off as undesirable, undeserving and unworthy of quality legal representation. When you hire us, you are not just getting a lawyer – you are getting an advocate committed to giving you and your case the personalized attention you deserve.